Portable Moving Container Services

Can't decide whether to hire a full service moving company or renting a Portable Moving Container? Let us help you make the right decision, get free moving quotes compare services and save on local or cross country moving.

Moving can be one of the more stressful times in your life. Whether you are a business or an individual in the process of changing locations, it comes with a long list of things to do. The biggest worry for most is what to do with their belongings in the process of packing up. We offer our customers the chance to use a moving and storage container. We understand the stress you are going through and try to make your move go as smooth as possible.

The main advantage of using our moving and storage container is that you can deliver it directly to your home or business. This gives you the advantage of packing the container up at your own pace. You may have two or three weeks to get the job done and, by spreading it out, you can ease some of your stress. Once packed up, we can then deliver the container to the location that you have chosen.

‚ÄčEach of our portable moving containers is safe and secure. You can relax knowing that your items are safe inside. With a latch and handle system, the container is able to be locked and secured at all times. If you choose to store the container at our facility, you will also get the added security of it being in a fully insured facility. 

Portable Moving Container Cost